Buns Services

BUNS Company conceives and constructs new roads with high quality standards. The operation starts from survey, bush clearing, earthworks (treatment of swampy areas, cut & fills, sub grade)

BUNS realises building projects in all the 10 regions of Cameroon and beyond. We enforce statewide standards for building construction.


BUNS is one of the leading contractors in the construction of roads and bridges. We overcome logistical challenges to realize large projects

With a fleet of drilling equipment(auger rigs, down-hole hammer (DHH) drill systems, oscillators, Casing Rotators, temporary casing systems


We are deeply involved in the country’s national infrastructure maintenance strategy. This involves remedying road defects such as potholes.

Urban renewal

Buns has been realizing building and construction projects on a wide scale from small to very complex ones with the greatest respect for norms and standards.

Buns Construction Company delivers design and construct infrastructure projects for urban and rural road construction projects.